The Poll Taker
Please help get more people to share their opinions by sharing Polls with your Social Networks.


Ask. Find. Meet.

Tap what your community is thinking and get answers from all your connections and their connections.

The Poll Taker makes it easy to deploy a single question across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Empire Avenue and your blog/website.

Facebook Poll

The Poll Taker makes it easy to post a Poll to your Facebook Wall or your Facebook Page's Wall. Your Friends and Fans can vote by either posting their answer as a comment or going to the site and voting anonymously if they choose.

Poll Widget for blogs/websites

Twitter Poll

The Poll Taker can automatically tweet your Poll to all your Followers and collect replies as well as track Re-Tweets by others. In addition, votes on the website that originate from Tweets are tracked and attributed to Twitter.

Blog/Website Poll

Every Poll can be embedded on a Blog or Website with just a few lines of HTML/JavaScript.


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